Community Comments on Planning Issues

The Open House and Planning Forums held on May 6th and 8th provided multiple opportunities for residents and property owners to submit written comments on planning issues for the “Official Community Plan.”

In addition, members of Coldstream Council and staff were present to discuss these issues.  The District office has also received some letters and emails about land use planning in Coldstream and other residents have chosen to express their opinions on this web blog site.

This post includes “Public Comments” document provides a summary of all the comments that have been received to date.  Click this link OCP Open House Comments to view the 4-page document.

Comments on any community planning issues are welcome at any time as the “Official Community Plan” review continues to unfold – blog, email, mail or telephone.  Visit our Contact Page for details.  Work is now underway on the first draft of the new Plan.

3 responses to “Community Comments on Planning Issues

  1. I live within Coldstream in Guildford Court. The residents of Coldstream that reside in the area north of the recent lights installed at the grid road…. We constitute a large population that has again gone ignored for any improvements for bike trails, sidewalks, speed zones, crossing signals, etc. this area and the residents living within it are treated like a poor second cousin to the rest of Coldstream – nowhere in this plan has this area been mentioned. The area south of the lights to Kal beach from husband road is included… But not the poor neighbours to the north. Shame on Coldstream for so blatantly ignoring this area. Does council have ANY idea how busy and dangerous this stretch of road is. There are no sidewalks to walk on, the ‘paved’ shoulder has a huge ‘hole’ in it that requires you to step on the roadway. And… Did you know that there is no crossing signal light on the north side of the grid road intersection. Funny, there are buttons for crossing any direction except the north side. It is no wonder that people complain about the dump area at the welcome to Coldstream sign, if our own council can’t treat this area like it belongs to the larger community why would anyone else. All you have to do is just get by that stretch of trailer trash and past the lights then you are in the real Coldstream. It amazes me when I go hiking to Kal park the wonderful trails and flashing crossings we have for that area and the Kal road are has infinite more traffic with one tenth of the trails, connections, safety crossings. I am sick and tired of being treated like a second class citizen in this community. It’s time to spread the trails equally to the areas that have the heaviest traffic (I bet money Kal road wins). I can walk to the beach but I am too afraid to take my grand kids down this road… There is something wrong with the total disregard for this area.

    • Thank you for your pointed comments Paddy. I have also sent your comments along to the Engineering Department for review along with their annual budgeting procedures and capital works programs.

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