Discussion Papers

Coldstream residents and property owners will soon have an opportunity to meet with Council and municipal staff about the Official Community Plan.  The Public Open House Planning Forums listed in Upcoming Events are intended to highlight planning issues to guide research and further discussion.  The issues which have been identified to date that require consideration are as follows:

  •             Housing Density (Secondary Suites, Duplexes, Cottages)
  •             Residential Housing Demands (Family, Multi-family, Retirement)
  •             Future Community Growth Areas
  •             Residential / Rural Interface Planning
  •             Agricultural Land Use Planning and Farming Viability
  •             Hillsides Long Term Land Use Planning
  •             Commercial Neighbourhood Centres
  •             Industrial Land Availability
  •             Municipal Parks and Trails Strategy
  •             Sensitive Ecosystems Policy Strategy
  •             Hazards Lands Identification
  •             Infrastructure Planning (Transportation, Utilities, Services)
  •             Interjurisdictional Land Use Planning – Regional Growth Strategy

Some discussion papers have been posted to initiate discussion and additional papers will be posted at future times.

2 responses to “Discussion Papers

  1. I support the approval of secondary suites as a way of supporting affordable housing costs for home owners, supporting affordable senior housing options or low income housing. This also provides an option for meeting higher density housing options rather than allowing appartments or increasing the townhouses. Coldstream is well known for it’s rural spaces and larger lots, therefore providing high density housing with townhouses or appartments would detract from the benefits of this area. My preference would be to support secondary suites as a way of managing increased low/cost housing needs – without changing the landscape.
    In response to the comment that unauthorized suites are not paying their fair share of the tax responsibilities, I would say the home is already taxed and the increased home value would be enough to cover off tax base concerns without unreasonably increasing costs. It’s the unreasonable increased costs and regulation controls associated with registered suites that actually deters homeowners as taking up this option. While safety is a concern, I believe home owners usually are on-site and are just as concerned about safety in the suite as their own area. Overall, how the District manages this issue will shape the ultimate outcome. – make it an easy and reasonable option.

    • Thank You Sandie for your pointed comments. Additional benefits, negative issues and administrative challenges assocaited with secondary suites are found on the attached discussion paper.

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