Official Community Plan Review

Coldstream Council has set a priority to undertake a comprehensive review of the District of Coldstream Official Community Plan (OCP).  It has been seven years since the District reviewed the Plan which resulted in some changes.  However, it has been twenty years since a comprehensive review was undertaken.

Several recent planning initiatives, studies, and provincial regulatory changes now require consideration in the OCP, some of which are:

  • the new Regional Growth Strategy
  • completed studies on hazardous lands and sensitive ecosystems in Coldstream
  • provincial requirements to consider policies for greenhouse gas reduction

In addition, Council would like to hear from Coldstream residents and property owners on matters such as:

  • housing density (secondary suites, duplexes, cottages)
  • residential housing demands (single family, multi‑family, retirement)
  • future community growth areas
  • residential / rural land-use interface planning
  • agricultural land-use planning and farming viability
  • hillsides’ long-term land-use planning
  • commercial neighbourhood centres
  • industrial land availability
  • municipal parks and trails strategy
  • sensitive ecosystems policy strategy
  • hazardous lands identification
  • infrastructure planning (transportation, utilities, services)
  • interjurisdictional land-use planning

Our objective is to have a new Official Community Plan that is up to date with provincial legislation and has been developed in consultation with the residents and property owners of Coldstream and surrounding areas.
The new OCP would use the most recent information that can guide our community into the future as envisioned by Coldstream’s Mission Statement of Rural Living at its Best.

Council has set a launch date of March 1, 2013 for this exciting project.  Public Open House Planning Forums have now been scheduled for early May.  District Councillors and planners will be in attendance and welcome the opportunity to talk with residents, property owners, business owners, and agricultural producers about a variety of topics in an informal setting.  Council urges all residents and property owners to get involved in planning for our future through the preparation of the new Official Community Plan.

This website has been set up to provide ongoing two-way communication.

In addition, specific comments can be submitted to

6 responses to “Official Community Plan Review

    • You are right John, many municipalities are making secondary suites a permitted use in all single detacahed homes but there are usually administrative requirements such as Business Licences or Development Permit requirements, depending on the municipality. Thanks for your input.

    • John. I agree that there is a movement afoot across BC to review local bylaws for secondary suites. Coldstream Council is welcoming public comment on this matter as part of the Official Community Plan review. There are benefits and negative issues that need to be balanced.
      Thank you for your comment.

  1. I agree with allowing secondary suites in Coldstream. Every municipality in the Okanagan Valley and most in BC allow Secondary Suites and the approval process has been streamlined in most communities. Kelowna, Lake Country, West Kelowna all allow suites and they applicant need only to apply for an inspection and pay a small business license fee. There are thousands of suites in Coldstream already, why not make them legitimate and ensure they are safe. Coldstream would also receive some remuneration and the bylaw officer would not have to waste his/her time on frivolous complaints.

    The arguments have already been made in most municipalities that affordable housing for both the home owner and renter trumps a few extra cars on the road. The college is located in Coldstream and the bus that takes University students to Kelowna also leaves from Coldstream but college students have no place to rent in Coldstream.

    If you ensure that the suite is safe, has adequate parking and is a reasonable size then what is the argument for not allowing them?

  2. I would Coldstream recognizes the need to allow secondary suites. Despite that the prohibition is likely illegal, the municipality should recognize that there is and always will be secondary suites within the boundaries. It is often argued it adds to traffic, utilities, etc. Every study has shown these objections to be false, homes are designed for the capacity within the zoning, and those with space for suites are only utilizing space in their home which is not occupied by family members who have left or chosen not to utilize. Families with children of the age to drive have more vehicles in their driveways than those of any secondary suite I have seen. It allows for greater diversity within the community, and addresses the significant need for affordable housing and allows those who need income to help with mortgages which they may not otherwise afford. Virtually every other municipality in BC recognizes the need for this housing that has been wrongfully denied for far too long, This should not even be an issue, it is a right affordable should never have been ignored and wrongly denied for this long. the are already there, do the right thing and repeal the prohibition.

    • Interesting comments Bill. Currently secondary suites are allowed in any single detached home in the Agricultural Land Reserve; which is governed by the Province. So there is no general “prohibition” in the District of Coldstream. Also, it is not a specific “prohibition” rather the “District of Zoning Bylaw” outlines the permitted uses in a zone and generally, secondary suites are not listed as a permitted use. To allow secondary suites it will be necessary to amend the “Zoning Bylaw” for the various residential zones to allow secondary suites. Thank you for participating on our Blog.

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